Entain gives gaming customers a voice with “players’ panel”

Players will be invited to share their views with decision-makers and media.
Players will be invited to share their views with decision-makers and media.

The panel comprises customers from Entain’s brands such as Ladbrokes, Coral and Gala Bingo.

UK.- The recently rebranded British gaming giant Entain has launched a “Players’ Panel” designed to give customers a voice on gambling issues in the UK.

Customers from Entain brands including Ladbrokes, Coral and Gala Bingo have been invited to join the panel voluntarily – no payment will be offered in return

The aim is to allow customers to discuss issues in gambling. They will have contact with political decision-makers, media and other stakeholders to share their views on the gaming industry, Entain said.

The company said the panel would contribute to the discussion on proposals being considered in the UK government’s current review of gambling legislation.

That includes the possible introduction of stake limits, more controls on gambling advertising and changes to the way the Gambling Commission operates.

Entain corporate affairs director Grainne Hurst said: “Betting and gambling is a popular pastime for many people, yet the individuals who take part in it regularly and recreationally are rarely asked their opinion.

“At Entain we are committed to putting our customers first, and the Players’ Panel is an additional way to ensure that the voice of our regular customers are considered in the debate about the future of our industry.”

Entain quote a member of the Players’ Panel as saying: “Until now we didn’t have any voice in the elite debate about gambling – even though it’s our hobby that’s being discussed.

“No one wants to see kids betting or people putting themselves at risk, but freedom of choice and personal responsibility are also really important. There must be more that can be done to protect people, but we have to get the right balance.”

Poll finds players see gambling as normal activity

A poll by Entain found that 73 per cent of the 1,781 customers surveyed in July 2020 believed that betting and gaming was a normal leisure activity

The survey found that 79 per cent believed individuals should be free to choose what activities they participate in.

A smaller proportion, 68 per cent, believed that individuals should have responsibility for how much they gamble, and 71 per cent believed that stake limits should be voluntary and set by players themselves. 

The survey also found that 30 per cent of customers had direct or indirect experience of gambling with unlicensed operators, while 45 per cent said they would consider using unlicensed operators if they had to provide proof of income to gamble. 

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