DraftKings enjoys sports betting surge

draftkings sports betting director

The company is enjoying a surge in sports betting in the US. Credits: DraftKings

The start of the new NFL season has increased DraftKings’ online betting operations.

US.- DraftKings has revealed that the start of the National Football League (NFL) season has brought a rush of online betting for the company. Total bets in a single day totalled 10% of the number of bets placed over the previous five weeks.

Chief Revenue Officer and co-founder of DraftKings, Matthew Kalish, told Reuters that it took the company 38 days to reach one million sports bets since the launch of its sportsbook in New Jersey on August 1st.

Kalish said that during last Sunday’s season-opening games, more than 100k bets were placed through DraftKings’ sportsbook. “It was a massive spike from what we were seeing in August,” Kalish said. “We absolutely hit our expectations.”

The company revealed that over the weekend, 51% of sports betting customers placed bets compared to 35% for most days in August. Approximately 90% of bettors returned to wager again, Kalish explained. “It shows a lot of positivity going into the NFL season,” he added.

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