DraftKings is updating its services

DraftKings is planning different options to develop the business after failing at merging with FanDuel.

US.- DraftKings and FanDuel merger was dismissed by companies’ authorities after several months of negotiations. After the announcement, Jason Robin Chief Executive Officer at DraftKings shared the new plans for the daily fantasy sports market through Facebook Live.

The CEO revealed that DraftKings is adding a simpler version of its daily fantasy sports platform during the NFL tournaments. The new modality has been described as “Arcade Mode,” where the operator will offer options with less players and higher scoring. However, the company will keep its current platform for its whole portfolio of international sport contents.

“I’ve heard a lot of really great feedback about Arcade Mode, and looking at the numbers lots of people are playing it, which is great. Definitely a more casual game, that I think if you don’t have as much time, or you just want something that’s a bit higher-scoring, it’s great for those types of players,” explained Robin during its Facebook Live session yesterday.

And he continued: “So each sport is different, and we are going to have something like that, a different sort of game for NFL. It may not be the same exact format, because every fantasy sport is a bit different. and we want to do something that’s really built for NFL, and makes sense for the NFL product. But we will definitely have something like that and will be announcing that very soon with some of our other product announcements.”

DraftKings and FanDuel, leading daily fantasy sports operators in the US, were negotiating a merger, which would have required the approval of the federal government. Heading a long legal battle to obtain the permission, both companies revealed last week they have dismissed the plan.

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