Disney reinforces fight against casinos

The company is lobbying against the development of the gaming industry in Florida.

US.- Disney company is betting against casino development in Florida, as it was revealed earlier this year. Disney Worldwide Services invested at least US$500k on a lobbying group fighting casino expansion since the Congress started debating new possibilities to expand the gaming services in the state.

Last month, the most renowned company for family entertainment allegedly invested US$575k on soliciting the services of the political committee Voters In Charge. The political group is sponsoring an anti-casino proposal “to give Florida voters, not politicians, the exclusive right to approve or disapprove casino gambling.”

“Tens of thousands of Floridians are signing our petition each week and we are on track to accomplish our goal of securing enough signatures for ballot placement by year’s end,” John Sowinski, chairman of Voters in Charge, said in a statement. “We look forward to being on the 2018 ballot, mounting an aggressive statewide campaign and returning the ultimate authority to approve casino gambling to the people of Florida where it belongs.”

Disney features in Orlando, Florida, one of the most touristic attractions, Disney World. The company focused on products for families and young people is set to prohibit new casinos in the state. As casino and gaming expansion in Florida has been paralysed for now, residents have been discussing about the possible implementations of new legislations. The state has been proposed as a highly potential tourism hub with further attractions – aside from the Caribbean beaches and Disney World, focusing on casino and gaming industries.

However, several strong residents’ groups that oppose the possible expansion have been gathering support statewide, including major companies that are set to invest a total of millions of dollars to stop the proposals.

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