DICJ advises casinos on absences during typhoon

Macau’s DICJ has exhorted the six casino concessionaires to act fairly towards staff members who were absent during the typhoon on August 23.

Macau.- Last August 23, a typhoon severely damaged Macau and difficulted the usual development of life in the area. That’s why the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (hereafter called as the DICJ), met with representatives of the six casino concessionaires to discuss how the absence of staff members during the phenomenon will be dealt with.

The DICJ requested them to offer “humane and fair treatment” with staff that didn’t go to work on that day, as reported by AGBrief. Concessionaires replied that “staff safety is paramount” and explained that they’ll review absences case by case and will continue to deal with the matter “adequately.” They also affirmed that they’ll work on staff communication channels and staff service protocols during tropical storms in order to strengthen both and improve the labor relationship with employees.

The Bureau also underlined that “the preservation of public order and security of people within gaming areas is its main object and function within the property’s premises, as well as the safety of the staff.” The DICJ closely monitors concessionaires in order to ensure public security and order within casinos within its jurisdiction.

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