DFS to experience significant growth

According to a new research the daily fantasy sports industry will double by 2021.

UK.- The UK based company Juniper Research released a report where they state that the daily fantasy sports market is currently worth of US$2.5 billion, and that they expect it to double to US$5.3 billion by 2021.

According to Juniper Research data, DraftKings and FanDuel hold more than 90 percent of the market, and Yahoo is the closest company with less than 5 percent. The report said that the US holds more than 75 percent of the industry, and that European markets should experience a boost in the following years.

“Currently North America dominates the industry with US regulatory loopholes denoting the activity a ‘game of skill’, rather than gambling. Nonetheless, with several smaller players in operation globally, and an initial foray into the UK by the industry leaders, West Europe will become the next major market over the coming five years,” they stated.

The Fantasy Sports Trade Association said that approximately 50 million of Americans played fantasy sports in the last year, and that between the US and its neighboring country Canada, the market is worth US$26 billion.