Deltin launches Nepal Casino

Deltin launches Nepal Casino

Industry developer Deltin Group proudly announced the launch of their Nepal casino, the Deltin Casino in Kathmandu.

Nepal.- Developer Deltin Group finally launched its Nepal casino. They arrived in Kathmandu with its first global venture Deltin Casino aiming to offer a world-class casino experience in Nepal.

The casino-tourism segment is set to boost the Visit Nepal Year 2020 campaign, launched in January.

According to Anil Malani, President and CEO of Deltin Group said that they believe that ethics and compliance is an integral aspect of the business. Therefore, they praised Everest Hospitality and Hotel, the owners of the Marriott Hotel, with whom they partnered for the Nepal casino.

Eased up restrictions

Casinos in Nepal will get a little boost as the government considers easing up on restrictions. According to local media, the authorities have decided to expand the industry’s reach through regulation changes.

As reported by the Kathmandu Post, the government decided in a recent Cabinet meeting to amend Casino Regulation 2013. That way, casinos and electronic gaming parlours may operate just three kilometres away from international borders, instead of five. 

“The government has shown flexibility by allowing casinos to operate at a distance of up to 3 kilometres from international borders in the context of the upcoming Visit Nepal Year 2020 campaign,” they quoted Ghanshyam Upadhyaya, spokesperson for the Ministry of Tourism, as saying.

“There is no logic in restricting casinos within a certain area or distance,” an official told the Kathmandu Post. “The key requirement is to monitor them properly,” he added.

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