Illinois passes a gaming bill


The bill that was passed by the State Senate from Illinois that would allow a casino in Danville is now headed to the House.

US.- The Illinois State Senate passed a gaming bill that would help boost the economy of Danville, Illinois, since it would allow the construction of a casino with more than 650 permanent jobs.

“To us, this is not a gaming bill, this is an economic development bill. This is about 650 permanent jobs in this community and good paying jobs if you look at what casinos across the state are paying,” said Mayor Scott Eisenhauer, who still doesn’t wanna get too confident since he said that the state has experienced these pushes before, but always failed.

The official said that he’s waiting for the bill to make it to the Governor’s desk before Danville can hope for a better economy, as reported by Fox Illinois. The city is part of a measure that wants to allow six new casinos in the state, in order to generate more than US$550 million in revenues.

Senator Dave Syverson, R-Rockford, explained back in April why it’s necessary to bring casinos in the area: “These states are building casinos right on the Illinois border to get local residents. We’re strategically placing these casinos in defensive nodes along the Wisconsin and Illinois borders. It really does two things: One is that it helps bring gaming revenue into the state, and it stops the big outflow of people from here going to surrounding states.”

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