Daily Fantasy Sports bill passed at California Assembly

The approval for the AB 1437 was an impressive 62-1 vote, with Assembly member Marc Levine voting against it.

US.- Legislation providing consumer protection for Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) players was almost unanimously approved by the members of the California Assembly. The AB 1437 required a majority of two thirds of the chamber, 54 votes, that is. It surpassed the minimum required by 8 votes. It appears DFS in the state has green light.

Assemblyman Adam Gray, chairman of the Governmental Organization committee and an advocate for the bill stated after the vote: “We are ahead of the curve. California is setting the tone for the rest of the nation on what a regulatory framework should look like. While there is still a lot of work to be done, I believe California will be the first to pass and implement legislation that allows its citizens to continue to play a game they love in a safe and fair environment.”

The discordant note in the vote was Assembly member Marc Levine, who has opposed DFS regulation to the point of sending a letter to Attorney General Kamala Harris in November, asking her to look into the legality of DFS, as he is convinced it is illegal under California law. AG Kamala Harris has not release any statement yet, regarding the results of the vote. Levine is not a lonely voice, tribal groups in the state, also opposed the bill as they were concerned DFS’s regulation could move ahead of online poker, affecting their control over California’s gambling activities, but so far, no comments have been released on their part.

The AB 1437 continues its way to the Senate. If approved, the bill would be subjected to another vote at the Assembly and then it would head to Governor Jerry Brown’s office who would sign it into law.