D.C. gets closer to sports betting legalisation

The Council voted in favor of the sports betting bill. Credits: Fox 5 DC

A Council voted this week in favour of a bill that would open the sports betting market in Washington.

US.- A D.C. Council voted on Tuesday in favour of the bill that would legalise sports betting in the state. The second and final vote on the “Sports Wagering Lottery Amendment Act of 2018” is expected to happen in the December 18 legislative session.

Some members of the Council believe that passing a sports betting bill is necessary and urgent as neighboring states, such as Maryland and Virginia, are rushing to discuss and launch their markets.

However, David Grosso, one of the members of the council that voted against the bill, said that it is possible that they are moving too fast: “This rush to make D.C. the first jurisdiction in the region to legalise sports betting gives me great pause as we do not fully understand the impact it will have on our communities.”

The bill establishes two categories of licences, one for establishments such as restaurants and bars, and one for major sports stadiums in city limits. Another member of the Council said that he expects to have a sports betting market ready to start for the 2019 baseball season.

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