“It’s crucial for us the attendance at ICE”

(Exclusive interview).- Sirplay is ready to innovate at ICE Totally Gaming.

Sirplay is constantly developing the international iGaming industry with interesting technology and latest solutions. As ICE Totally Gaming is a must-go for the company, visitors from all around the world are counting with the presence of Sirplay to learn about iGaming innovations. This year, from February 7-9, two of the biggest forces of the modern industry will be under Sirplay’s spotlight at booth S3-130 at ExCel, London: daily fantasy sports and bitcoin. The company’s CEO Bart Esposito, shared with Focus Gaming News Sirplay’s plans for next week.

You’ve recently said that Sirplay has been focusing on the design and implementation of various development plans in new markets. How is ICE going to help you accomplish that?

For Sirplay, ICE represents a melting pot of opportunity, a mix of cultures and points of view on the same topic, the gambling industry. Being part of it is a way to meet new trend and test the work done till now, so it’s crucial for us the attendance at events like ICE Totally Gaming.

Do you think the contact with the public helps you improve some aspects of your products? Do events like ICE help you achieve your goals?

Of course, it does. We couldn’t have a feedback without the public help or without our clients’ confrontation. ICE is the perfect occasion to interact with new clients, keep in touch with partners but also to stay updated in this constantly evolving field.

SAM 3.0 is the latest innovative technology in Sirplay’s home. Will you be showcasing new products at ICE 2017? What will be your headline attraction?

SAM 3.0 was our 2016 flagship, for us it represented the way to show our complete openness and willingness to work on our clients’ needs and requests.

This year, we’ve been focusing on two products (for now): Bitcoin integration and a DFS – Daily Fantasy Sports platform. Daily Fantasy Sports are the new trend on which we decided to bet. They are a subset of Traditional Fantasy Sports made faster and easier and thanks to its variety, immediacy and mobile-optimization accessible to the mass market.

What are the main characteristics that distinguish ICE 2017 from other similar events?

ICE is the most important European gambling show. It’s a meeting point for the insiders from all over the world, not only an event limited to one region. The expo attracts suppliers, clients, partners, both through its expo areas and its enlightening workshops; not to mention its mediatic influence. For all these reasons it’s easy to understand ICE peculiarity.

Latin America has been a targeted area for Sirplay in 2016, will you continue this focus on 2017 as well? How is Sirplay experiencing the region so far? We bet a lot on Latin America last year, and it’s rewarding us with great satisfactions. We are proud of the project started in 2016 with Loterìa de San Luis, which is achieving resounding success and it’s going to continue this year with other lotteries joining “jugadon.com”, too. In the meantime, we are evaluating Paraguay and Panama as our next step.