Crown urged to make a clear confession

The company has been asked to make a better and clear confession to local authorities.

China.- The Director for Capital Equity Legal Group, Chen Youxi, recommended Crown Resorts Limited to be more open with the media regarding the allegations against the 18 arrested employees in China.

“A clear attitude will help. Crown Resorts Limited also needs to hire good lawyers to defend its employees,” said Youxi to The Australian. Crown Resorts announced last week that the company hired Minter Ellison legal firm to represent their defense. The casino employees have been arrested a month ago due to seeming gambling crimes, involving apparent offerings to recruit wealthy VIP players in mainland China to bet in Macau, the exclusive national territory where casinos are legal.

Youxi believes that Crown needs to step up their game and tell the Chinese authorities what they have done and promise to never take advantage of the grey zones between what’s permitted and what’s not.