Crown gets €187k fine over tampered pokies

The VCGLR gave Crown Resorts a record €187,000 fine over the tampered poker machines in its casino in Melbourne.

Australia.- Crown Resorts has been hit with a €187,000 fine by the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) after being found guilty of violating the Gambling Regulation Act of 2003. The sanction is related to the poker machine tampering in Crown’s casino in Melbourne, where the company blanked buttons on 17 poker machines during early 2017.

“Crown’s failure to obtain approval [to alter pokies] means it has contravened the Gambling Regulation Act 2003,” the VCGLR said, explaining: “This is the largest fine the commission has issued to Crown and reflects the seriousness with which it considers the matter.”

17 poker machines out of the 2,628 in the casino were the target of the investigation regarding modifications to the regulated options they are supposed to offer. Crown originally denied any accusations but then admitted tampering with the machines on March 5th.

“While Crown Melbourne’s position throughout this process was that the Gaming Machine Trial did not require the prior approval of the Commission, Crown Melbourne respects the Commission’s decision, which brings this process to a close,” Crown said.

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