Control system under scrutiny in South Africa

NGB South Africa


The million dollar contract for a control system is rising doubts regarding the legality of its issuance.

South Africa.- South Africa’s National Gambling Board’s (NGB) national central electronic monitoring system contract is under heavy legal fire due to concerns regarding its issuance legality. Therefore, the whole deal could be delayed as former CEO Barry Mashigo allegedly shared information with a bidder for the tender.

Mr Mashigo agreed to part ways with the NGB a few days before his disciplinary hearing on the subject, but the backlash of his -alleged- actions could be just too big. Some argue that the NGB could tender government contracts with the approval of the whole board -which it doesn’t even have since 2014- or CEO, CalvinAyre reported. In consequence, companies that pulled out of the bid may drag the whole deal into court as they believe the process to be dubious without an existing board.

Administrator Caroline Kongwa has been target of some companies critics, or at least one of those that will challenge the NGB in court, as they don’t recognise her as the final arbiter on tenders. The official was a chief director of legal services from the Department of Trade and Industry but there are concerns that she might not have the authority under the National Gambling Act to approve tenders.