Comtrade Gaming shares knowledge among future IT professionals

EDIT started in 1996 as a small project organised by Comtrade.
EDIT started in 1996 as a small project organised by Comtrade.

Comtrade Gaming once again hosted the EDIT summer school program where they inspired innovation and shared knowledge among future IT professionals.

Slovenia.- Comtrade Gaming, the leading software supplier to the gaming industry, hosted the 23rd summer school program, EDIT. EDIT (Education for Innovative Thinkers) started in 1996 as a small project organised by Comtrade and now became the leading summer IT school in Southeastern Europe.

The brightest and most talented graduates from tech high schools and university students gather together and strengthen their academic knowledge with practical experience.

This year’s module challenged participants to find a solution where an older slot machine would be upgraded with additional hardware and software to be able to connect and send data to the monitoring system.

Students gained basic knowledge of the slot machines operations, graphical presentation of data and design of software interface. They have found a way to upgrade an older electromagnetic device and enable it to connect with an online system enabling data visualization and artificial intelligence.

Luka Arnečič, a mentor to a group of students in Maribor, explained: “This year’s EDIT summer school was once again very entertaining as it contained a mix of various social events, education and work. Participants quickly exceeded our anticipations and because of that, we extended this year’s task to a more complex one. All in all, it was a great experience for both participants and mentors and hopefully it will encourage more young people for IT oriented studies and work. “

Many IT specialists that are now a part of Comtrade Group started their career journey at EDIT. Around 50% of the most exceptional students who complete the program are recruited for full-time employment with Comtrade.

“Comtrade Gaming is expanding fast and we are constantly looking for innovative, thinking outside the box people who like working in teams. EDIT is a perfect hub to recognize young new talent and offer these bright minds an opportunity to start their career with us,” explains Aleš Gornjec, General Manager of Comtrade Gaming.

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