City Council approves Terre Haute casino

They voted to approve plans for a casino in Terre Haute.

US.- Fuller House Resorts Inc announced last week its plans to move its operations from Rising Star Casino Resort in Southern Indiana to a new facility in Terre Haute. Bill 354 was discussed and approved by the City Council last week.

The bill created by Senator Jon Ford will be heard in the Senate’s Public Policy Committee on Wednesday, and officials believe that it will experience good results. Several local residents expressed their views on the proposed casino during the meeting organised by the committee. According to WTHITV, William Moulton, a local resident, said: “I see it as a very positive thing, I think we should get a casino. To me, it’s just an increase, another way to draw people to our community. Which increases everybody, food vendors, hotels, shopping centers. We’ll have more people working. More people working means more taxes and more money generated into the community.”

On the other hand, Bruce Borders, Indiana Representative of the 45th District, said that there are other ways of succeeding than the casino: “We’re acting as if the casino doesn’t come there aren’t any other jobs available but my argument is that’s simply not true.”