Chris Christie’s veto remains legal

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Whelan has been a supporter of the gambling industry for a quite long time.

The Senate tried to eliminate the veto on an approved gaming amendment for casino licenses.

US.- The New Jersey’s Senate, which had approved a new gaming amendment for casino licenses, has failed to override the State’s Governor Chris Christie’s veto on S2575 law. Officials have faced each other over the law that would jeopardise the future of Carl Icahn’s Atlantic City casino, Trump Taj Mahal.

The Senate had approved last year a new legislation that prohibited casino operators to reuse their gaming license for five years in case they had previously closed their local venues. However, the State’s governor has recently vetoed the amendment by explaining it would threaten Carl Icahn’s intentions to invest in Atlantic City and to reopen his casino.

Yesterday, legislators held a vote in the Senate to override Christie’s veto, although the attempt failed. The poll was not able to reach the 27 votes in favour it needed to carry on with the Senate’s first decision.

The New Jersey’s Senate President Stephen Sweeney is seemingly preparing another vote to override the veto once he gathers the complete support from Democratic legislators. The local media also reported that Sweeney may be preparing a negotiation with Republican senators to sign a joint regulation.