China formally charges Australian employees

17 of Crown Resorts employees were kept arrested without a formal charge until yesterday.

China.- The mystery involving the arrest of 18 Crown Resort employees in China has been slowly revealed. Only yesterday, Chinese authorities announced they are formally charging three of the 17 members of the staff who are still in prison. As the three arrested employees are foreign, the Chinese government officially issued a statement to communicate Australia the decision.

Australian foreign ministry commented yesterday that Australian Crown Resorts employees will be prosecute for suspected gambling crimes. The leading casino company did not receive further information about the future allegations against the other 14 Chinese members of the team that have been arrested. One of the 18 employees was released last week.

According to the reports, the company’s staff seemingly offered wealthy Chinese gamblers to bet on VIP services in its Australian casinos. However, China has been cautious about the arrest information and has not revealed the charges the workers will face, neither the allegations against them.

Crown Resorts has not shared any statement about the situation, however they are in touch with the Australian foreign ministry, which commented that the employees arrested are in a jail in Shanghai. The casino hosts the Studio City venue, one of the biggest attractions in Macau, the only Chinese territory where gambling industry is legal.