Illinois wants to bring casinos to Chicago

Illinois wants to bring casinos to Chicago

The bill establishes that casinos in Chicago would bring the state an extra 20 percent in revenues.

US.- New details of an existing casino bill from Illinois that emerged this week establish that slot machine revenue would be 20 percent higher. The proposal aims at boosting Illinois’ economic structure by expanding casino gambling in the state.

If the licenses get awarded in Chicago, or even in counties or suburbs near the zone, it’s expected that the the gambling market would grow approximately US$550 million if the measure gets passed. Furthermore, table games would be taxed by 16 percent and it would allow the existing venues to offer more games. Airports would also have the chance to feature slot machines. A similar bill was introduced in Georgia this year but it was later rejected: one of the proposed facilities would’ve been located at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport area, one of the country’s biggest airports.

The local market is worth US$2.5 billion and state lawmakers were trying to increase the gambling offer by also introducing the possible legalisation of DFS and online gaming in the state, but both of these measures were rejected in the Senate and the House respectively.

“Whilst authorisation of casino gambling in Chicago will enhance investment, development, and tourism in Illinois, it is recognised that it will do so successfully only if public confidence and trust in the credibility and integrity of the gambling operations and the regulatory process is maintained,” says the bill, who needs to be included in a group of bills if it wants to have a shot to be considered.