Casino Neuchâtel is using DRGT’s drScreen

After three years of successful collaboration, the casino has recently decided to add drScreen, a marketing feature from DRGT to its system.

Switzerland.- Casino Neuchâtel has been working with DRGT system, ever since its opening in December 2012. The casino is a partner of Grand Casino Bern, DRGT’s the longest standing customer (since 2008) in Switzerland, so the choice was clear, right from the start. Now Casino Neuchâtel has decided to introduce a DRGT’s marketing feature: drScreen.

Fabien Nanchen, Casino Neuchâtel’s IT and Technical Manager, expressed: “Since the opening we had in our mind to have a customer card and after seeing different systems, we were impressed by the way DRGT flip the slot screen to show a ‘customer page’ or different advertisements when the slot is not played. And more, if you think of the future, and about all the customer’s services or ‘extra game’ you could have directly on the EGM screen. All these factors convinced us that drScreen would be readily accepted by our customers.”

DRGT’s Sales European Director, Joost van Egeraat, expressed: “drScreen is a major marketing boost to any casino floor. It is all about the customer interface and with drScreen operators can direct their marketing (such as advertising) directly onto the slot screen. The additional bonus is that the player can flip the screen to attain a great amount of information, such as their account details and information on how the slot has been doing – without having to interrupt their game play. This endorsement from Casino Neuchâtel shows how important a tool drScreen can be. The casino team here is very innovative and always looking for ways to improve the player experience – which goes to show as Casino Neuchâtel is the first casino in Switzerland to have introduced drScreen.”

“For us as an operator, one of the biggest advantages is the compatibility with the rest of the DRGT system, so we can offer our customers, a complete integrated experience. For our customers – well they really appreciate that they can flip the screen to see their account, to see all the running promotions, the last handpay, the hot’n cold EGM, etc. It’s a service we can offer to our customers that the other casinos don’t have,” said Nanchen of drScreen. “First of all of course the fact all the slots are independent of a central server, it’s really a different and a unique way to manage EGMs, making the floor very stable. And now, 3 years later, DRGT are always creative and inventive, always new things like drScreen, drTable, drBonusing… And what is the most important (but the most difficult to realize), all this modules are well integrate together,” he added.