Casino 36 gets approval for expansion

Rubicon Casino expands next door to create Casino 36
Rubicon Casino expands next door to create Casino 36

The new installations are due to open next year

UK.- The Rubicon Casino in Temple Street, in the British city of Wolverhampton, will expand into the neighbouring building -formerly a nightclub, to create the newly branded Casino 36. Now, the local council has approved a proposal to extend the location spending in total US$ 6 million.

“This project brings a significant number of jobs to Wolverhampton. It will kick-start regeneration on Southside and will prove a real asset to this area of city,” said Wolverhampton council deputy leader, Councillor Peter Bilson

Meanwhile Casino 36 Group Manager Craig Dobson explained “Regeneration in Wolverhampton is steaming ahead and we are delighted to be playing a part in helping rejuvenate the city centre. We are now at the stage in our project to start recruiting for the 100 jobs the small casino brings, and being able to draw on the council’s experience in this area to help fill these positions is extremely helpful.”