Cape Verde project could face delays

Macau Legend’s project in Cape Verde could face delays over the revamping of the island where it will be developed.

Cape Verde.- Nuno Miguel Melo Furtado, Cape Verde representative at the Forum Macau (Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries), revealed that the construction of Macau Legend’s project could be delayed as the island settlement where the project will be located will be revamped.

The official said that the delay could take five to six months as the land settlement needs to be solidified. “The project is at very early stages, still in the construction phase. According to my information the second phase will likely be started this year since the infrastructure is already visible. The project is just not going at the rhythm we wanted,” he said.

The US$300 million project is expexted to draw tourists from China and Europe to the western African country. The first phase of construction of the 152,700 square-meter complex that will have a resort, casino, office buildings and a museum. According to Macau Legend, the new complex is part of a plan from the Chinese government to exploit the ancient Silk Road route. The “One belt, one road” plan is designed to position Macau in the biggest cities of this former trade path.

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