Camelot reassures players after hacking attack

Credits: The National Lottery
Credits: The National Lottery

The group has reassured its clients that there has been no authorised access to core National Lottery systems after the hacking attack.

UK.- Camelot Group has announced to its clients that the National Lottery hasn’t suffered unauthorized access to core systems after the hacking attack that took place over the weekend. At least 150 accounts were compromised in what was called a major cyber security breach.

“We would like to make clear that there has been no unauthorised access to core National Lottery systems or any of our databases, which would affect National Lottery draws or payment of prizes. We would also like to reassure our players that we do not display full debit card or bank account details on their online National Lottery accounts. When updating your password, our advice is to use a mix of letters (upper and lower cases), numbers and characters and avoid words that are obvious or personal to you. Most importantly, make it unique,” said Camelot. Moreover, the group apologised for the inconvenient and asked for co-operation in the matter.

Camelot is currently working with the Information Commissioner’s Office and the National Cyber Security Centre on a joint effort to make sure that hacking attacks don’t happen again. A spokesman for the company said that since March 7th, when the hacking attack appeared to have begun, the activity has been extremely low-level and very sporadic, and almost indistinguishable from normal player activity.

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