Camelot fined for breaching terms of license


The company will have to pay £3 million.

The UK operator will be fined for paying out a millionaire amount of money for a fraudulent jackpot claim.

UK.- According to the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), the lottery gaming operator Camelot will be fined due to violating the terms of their operating license in the UK. The company will have to pay £3 million because they paid £2.5 million for a fraudulent jackpot claim made seven years ago.

Andy Duncan, CEO of Camelot, reported that the operator received a claim in 2009 for a prize worth £2.5 million. The original claim was that the ticket prize was damaged in the process in charge of Camelot. Later they realized that the ticket has been gamaged on purpose. In 2015 the company received new information and the UKGC started the investigation that concluded that even though they weren’t certain that fraud was involved, it was still more likely than it being a clean operation. The owner of the ticket was arrested in 2015 for fraud but was later released.

Camelot will have to pay an additional £500,000 that will be sent to charity. CEO of UKGC, Sarah Harrison, said that Camelot’s actions were serious and the penalty is an example of it. The company later said that they started making changes in the payout control process.