California could also offer sports betting

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The US has legalised sports betting.

California is moving forward with a sports betting legislation after the US Supreme Court’s resolution.

US.- California could become another state with sports betting legislation after the US Supreme Court ruled earlier this week that states are free to legalise sports betting, as it said that the federal law (PASPA) that was in place was unconstitutionally forcing states to maintain their prohibitions. Over 18 states have shown interest in legalising the market.

California Assemblyman Adam Gray said the state is moving forward with gaming expansion proposals. “The decision by the Supreme Court affirms that the choice to legalize sports wagering is one for the states to make for themselves. The ball is in our court. The voters of California will now have to make the decision whether or not to authorize sports wagering”, he revealed in a statement.

He previously stated: “You could see tax revenue as high as a US$100 million or US$200 million a year to the state general fund if we authorize sports wagering. Gray presented a proposal in February, following the huge success sports betting platforms achieved during this year’s Super Bowl, one of the main events of the year in the United States.

The gambling and sports industry now have the green light to set regulations to find a common ground on what is set to become a billionaire industry. The high court ruled that Congress overstepped its authority in 1992 by prohibiting states that didn’t already allow sports betting from entering the business. The vote ended 7-2 in favour of overruling PASPA, the sports protection act that was passed 26 years ago.

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