Caesars and MGM lobby for sports betting in Virginia

Caesars and MGM are lobbying in the state in favor of sports betting. Credits: Las Vegas Review-Journal

The casino operators have reportedly hired lobbyists to represent them during an upcoming session.

US.- Sports betting has been legalised for over four months in the United States, and it seems like the East Coast is rushing to capitalise on the benefits of the gambling modality as the majority of the states that have regulated (or are in talks to do so) are in that region. Casino operators are now lobbying in Virginia for the state to come up with a proper legislation for sports betting.

According to a local report from Virginia Mercury, MGM Grand and Caesars (and other slot machine operators) are interested in the Virginia General Assembly, as they have hired more than a dozen lobbyist over the last few weeks to represent them at an upcoming session.

“We note that MGM and Caesars operate casinos in neighbouring Maryland, and that both — particularly MGM, which is a mere eight-minute drive away from Alexandria — likely draw meaningful foot traffic from northeastern Virginia,” said Chris Krafcik, industry analyst and managing director of Eilers & Krejcik Gaming.

The analyst believes that both companies are lobbying in the state in an attempt to protect the flow of foot traffic from Virginia to Maryland or to ensure they are eligible to operate under any casino-enabling legislation introduced in Virginia, or both.

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