Brazilian lottery seeks to copy American model

The odds of winning the jackpot on
The odds of winning the jackpot on "Most Millionaire" would be 238m/1.

Loterías Caixa, which administrators the Brazilian federal lottery, aims to launch a model similar to PowerBall or MegaMillions in the US.

Brazil.- Loterías Caixa seeks to copy the American lottery model, aiming to launch a Brazilian lottery with a low probability of winning similar to PowerBall, MegaMillions or Euromillions.

Caixa had hoped to launch the game “Most Millionaire” last year but the Covid-19 pandemic finally diverted the company’s focus.

Now the idea has been refloated as a priority and the game could be launched by mid-year.

The new game follows the concept of well-known lotteries such as Powerball in the US, which offer a very small probability of winning the jackpot. In this case, the odds would be 238 million to 1.

The closes model in Brazil to date is Mega-Sena, which has a probability of 50 million to 1. “Most Millionaire” would therefore be by far the most difficult Brazilian lottery game to win.

The new game’s intended launch comes as Brazil’s federal government fears the growth of new state lotteries could impact on nationwide lotteries’ sales.

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