Blackpool casino plans emerge in the UK

The Government and the local council have begun discussing a potential new Blackpool casino and leisure complex development in the Lancashire city.

UK.- The casino landscape could soon change in the UK as a new development seems to be in the making. A new Blackpool casino could soon be developed as the Government and the local council have begun discussing that possibility.

According to UK media outlet The Sun, the authorities want to develop a super-casino in the area. Blackpool’s casino would also include a leisure complex that would turn the Lancashire city into a top destination.

The bidding process would have operators signing up to a ‘social wealth fund’, set to pump millions into state coffers. 

Back in 2007, Blackpool already pushed for a casino but failed to get it developed. Then, the Casino Advisory Panel granted the nation’s first mega casino licence to Manchester. It dismissed Blackpool’s casino hopes and the potential to create 3,400 jobs in the city. Even worse, the Manchester venue was never developed.

“Blackpool is a phenomenal resort which has huge potential for growth,” Jake Berry, Northern Powerhouse Minister said. “It is early days but this would be a very exciting project that would create a world-class attraction.

“It would be a major investment in the area which would bring additional visitors to Blackpool, create new jobs for local people and pour millions of pounds worth of investment into education and skills training.”

According to The Sun, the Blackpool casino would rise as “one of the most regulated gambling spaces in the country”.

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