BgC celebrated another edition

The second edition of the congress organised by Clarion Events finished yesterday.
The second edition of the congress organised by Clarion Events finished yesterday.

The event was held during the Senate ballot to impeach Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff.

Brazil.- Though the highlight of the Brazilian Gaming Congress was supposed to be the expected gaming law, yesterday the Senate approved the suspension of Dilma Rousseff as president of the Latin American country. The future of Brazil is uncertain now, but major representatives of the gaming industry debated on Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th the incentive scheme of the attractive sector at the Windsor Plaza in Brasilia, capital city.

In the presence of a large audience, conference speakers were headed by Federal Deputy Elmar Nascimento, along with the Special Commission for the Regulation of Gaming in Brazil –dependent of House of Representatives–, as well as authorities from the Ministry of Transport, the Brazilian Texas Hold’em Confederation –CBTH–, Caesars Entertainment Corporation, PMU, International Centre for Gambling Regulation, Française des Jeux, COAF and the Brazilian Game Institute and Caixa Economica Federal. Furthermore, some members of the Chamber of Deputies, who last year arranged a special committee to lead the way of potential regulatory models, attended.

However, the gaming atmosphere was eclipsed by the current political situation of Brazil: the president Dilma Rousseff was replaced by the vice president, Michel Temer. Operators, manufacturers, investors and other representatives of the international gambling industry got deep into the future plans to begin with the process of activating the seemingly most powerful market in Latin American, though they would have to wait until the country recovers its economic, social and political stability.