BetEngine simplifies bookmakers’ maths

The new platform has a Math Engine that turns Excel formulas into programs for calculating chances and a Settlement Engine that allows to automate the calculation of bet settlements of all levels of complexity.

UK.- BetEngine -recently launched gaming company- is making its way through the betting market with an innovative technology that helps bookmakers save money, cost and time. Bet Engines platform is a revolutionary product that integrates math models with just one click.

Dmytro Omelechko, CEO of  Betengine, expressed: “I used to work as a programmer for one of the bookmaker companies myself, and know how much time and efforts are spent to transfer math models to working tools. We felt that there is a whole niche for improvement and came up with an idea to skip the whole programmers part.”

It reduces 80 percent of costs and time thanks to the fast integration and development of new mathematical models. There is no need for IT specialists anymore as now upgrading existing models became so much easier, the platform substitutes the real team of programmers. Besides, more than 50,000 events per month are able to be managed, it can take high loads and track records.