Bermuda island prepares its casino for 2018

Further international casino brands and investors are assessing potential business in the Bermuda market under the new legislation.

Bermuda.- The government of Bermuda and its islander Casino Gaming Commission are already studying casino projects to move forward with the installation of the first gaming venue in the European country. Alan Dunch, chairman of the commission, revealed yesterday that the first casino could be opened by the end of the first quarter of 2018.

“We are excited about that,” the official stated. “We feel that we will have people presenting their projects to us by the late third quarter of this year and we will be granting provisional licences this year. We think that is within reach.” Fairmont Southampton and the Morgan’s Point Hotel presented their plans to add casino floors to their touristic buildings.

Yesterday the government of Bermuda was assessing both projects to reach a decision by later this quarter. “Both of those applications have been reviewed and recommendations made by the commission,” the commissioner added. “As we speak, they are with the minister for approval or otherwise. I am not aware if he has made any decision as of yet.”

Dunch explained that in cases where the complete casino hotel must be constructed, the license process would take longer to be reviewed and later approved. Beginning next week, casino or hotel operators will be able to present their plans during the license application process. Companies will have to present extensive information about the firm and their projects, including the investment, the potential emergency procedures, the hiring plan, the marketing plan, among other issues.

“The following week we will make the announcement and hopefully we will have someone in here pretty quickly picking up the forms. There will be 90 days before the RFP is due, then we expect a 60-day review period and then public hearings in which a presentation is made. Hopeful that will be in September.”