Bentley claims there is no casino gambling in lottery proposal

Bentley claims there is no casino gambling in lottery proposal

Gov. Bentley declared that his proposal would exclude casino-type gambling in Alabama.

US.- Gov. Robert Bentley said his lottery proposal, which he plans to unveil by the end of the week, does not include casino-type gambling in the state of Alabama.

The governor also commented that the proposal is “the only best choice available” to provide long-term stability to the General Fund budget and a health programme critical to children’s health and Alabama’s health care system.

Bentley will call the Legislature into special session on Aug. 15 to consider a lottery. He explained that his proposed constitutional amendment would allow an up or down vote on the establishment of a state lottery. Currently, Alabama is one of the six states that do not have one and voters would have to approve the amendment.

If the proposal was approved, it would create a commission to oversee a lottery, with members appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate.

“A lottery’s only a means to an end,” Bentley said. “A lottery’s not really what I’m pushing. What I’m really pushing is saving lives. When you put the two together, you’ve probably lost everything. I want to simplify things. We need funding for Medicaid because we need funding for the people.”