Barstow City amends tribal casino agreement

Los Coyotes' casino development agreement began in 2006.
Los Coyotes' casino development agreement began in 2006.

The agreement has been amended to allow selection of a different development partner.

US.- The city council in Barstow, California, has amended Los Coyotes tribe’s casino development agreement to allow it to select a new partner.

The amendment removes the expected development partner, Barwest, from the agreement since the tribe is currently negotiating with a new development partner.

The tribe’s casino project has faced many setbacks. It was originally agreed in 2006, with conditions that require the tribe to allocate two acres of land for the construction of police and fire stations.

But the agreement depends on the tribe acquiring the land in the first place. It is working on an application to the Department of the Interior, but the process does not have a set timeline.

Barstow city manager Nikki Salas said: “We’d like to hope it’s going to be less than 14 years. We would like to actually go to the casino ourselves, you know, as opposed to our grandchildren being there at the grand opening.”