Aussie lottery retailers rejected Lottoland’s proposal

lottoland lottery retailers

Credits: Lottoland

Lottoland had offered to provide local retailers 10 percent of every bet made on its site but they rejected the proposal.

Australia.- Several Australian states have expressed their intentions to ban Lottoland’s operations as they’re analysing a legislation to ban “synthetic lotteries”. The company offered newsagents a deal to try to calm the waters and work a plan to be able to keep operating in the country.

The Australian Lottery and Newsagents Association (ALNA) issued a statement yesterday in which it rejected Lottoland’s offer as the effort was perceived as a further attempt to siphon customers from Australia’s newsagents.

Lottoland’s proposal allowed newsagents to take a 10 percent cut of every bet one of the 600k customers made with Lottoland, whilst the newsagents would be asked to promote the brand in stores. Nevertheless, Adam Joy, CEO of ALNA, said that Lottoland had spent the past year and a half “denigrating newsagents , and a partnership requires trust and usually does not involve a party that is aggressively trying to detract from the other party’s livelihood.”

“It would appear that Lottoland’s recent offerings are really desperate token gestures and a PR stunt, rather than a solution to a problem that not only affects news and lottery agents but also affects consumers who are misled,” he added.