Atlantic City mayor asks Icahn to sell Taj Mahal

The mayor said that leaving the property vacant would be the worst decision.

US.- Atlantic City’s mayor, Don Guardian, urged billionaire Carl Icahn to sell his Trump Taj Mahal casino. Earlier this week, the current casino owner released a statement that specified that he would surrender his license, but would not sell the property.

Don Guardian commented that leaving the casino vacant would be “the worst of the worst” for the property and that Icahn should sell it, make a profit and move on. The casino magnate said that he would be happy to sell it if someone is willing to pay the US$300 million that he lost on it: “Telling us we should sell the Taj and make a profit is easier said than done. We’ve lost almost $300 million on that investment. If he’s a buyer at that price, I’d be a happy seller,” Icahn said, and expressed his discontent with the mayor, who he believed should not “attack someone who rescued Atantic City.”

“He doesn’t have any faith in the city, I get it. But don’t let us lose that building on the Boardwalk. We need that activity and those jobs,” said the mayor. Assemblyman Chris Brown also said that these people should not be able to control the market like that.