The Star Brisbane tests light show

The Star Brisbane is set for
The Star Brisbane is set for

The venue is testing over 350 lighting pillars that will become a regular night-time attraction.

Australia.- Lighting engineers have tested the 350 lighting pillars that form part of a visual attraction at the upcoming Star Brisbane venue. The light show will illuminate the 10 levels of The Star Brisbane’s crescent-shaped façade. Additional testing will be conducted in the coming weeks.

Destination Brisbane Consortium Project director Simon Crookes said: “We are running numerous tests over the coming weeks to identify areas that need adjustment as well as determine brightness and clarity of colour to ensure the technological capabilities of the system. 

“The Star’s façade and various other areas within the precinct will have the functionality to be lit up in almost any colour of the rainbow, including pure white, to support major and world events or causes closer to home.” 

Crookes added: “We will be able to match the existing Brisbane City Council and Queensland Government controlled colours as well as other specialised lighting elements within the resort. These can either be fully synchronised or run independently of each other. 

“What is exciting, the advanced functionality will provide for a range of images and moving displays as well as timing technology to bring the entire tourism precinct alive in a coordinated approach from the river’s edge, across the precinct all the way to George Street.” 

The Star Brisbane chief operating officer Hospitality Kelvin Dodt added: “The city was given a taste of the Neville Bonner Bridge’s lighting capabilities during the Matilda’s World Cup finals appearances and in support of the Broncos and Lions’ grand finals last year, but this takes it to another level. 

“For those lucky enough to have witnessed the testing firsthand, especially from the South Bank side of the river it’s a great tease for what’s to come. Not only will a paintbox of colours be part of our repertoire, but we can double as a giant canvas for spectacular lighting artistry that includes storytelling and images to further shine a spotlight on Brisbane as a world-class tourism and entertainment destination.” 

The Star Brisbane at Queen’s Wharf is expected to open in stages starting from August 2024. It will include four hotels, 50 new bars and restaurants, a retail area, up to 2,000 residential apartments and the equivalent of 12 football fields of public space. It is expected to host 2,500 slot machines.

The Destination Brisbane Consortium is a joint venture led by The Star Entertainment Group with Chow Tai Fook Enterprises and Far East Consortium.

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