Thailand to resume gambling on animal races and fights

Animal races and fights had been suspended during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Animal races and fights had been suspended during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thailand’s Interior Ministry has announced that traditional animal races and fights, such as cockfighting and fish fighting will resume.

Thailand.- The Thai interior ministry has given the green light for gambling on traditional animal fights and races to resume following their suspension during the Covid-19 pandemic. According to a letter sent by permanent secretary Suttipong Juljarern to provincial governors on February 24, district chiefs and assistant chiefs have the authority to issue licences for gambling sites.

According to local media, officials must ensure animals are not tortured. Bullfighting will only be permitted once a month at each site in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Songkhla, and Phatthalung. In other provinces, the fights can be held weekly with a maximum of four per month. Annual bullfights that raise money for charity will only be allowed five times a year in each province.

Cock and fish fighting will be allowed in Bangkok following an order from the provincial director-general. For horse racing, the director of the Provincial Administration Department’s Investigation and Litigation Division must issue licences for Bangkok. District chiefs or assistant district chiefs must grant licences in other provinces.

Meanwhile, there’s still a chance that a project to legalise casinos in Thailand will move forward. In January, a report prepared by a House committee was approved by the House of Representatives.

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