Thailand: 3 arrested over lottery scam

Those arrested were selling lottery tickets in Loei’s Erawan district.
Those arrested were selling lottery tickets in Loei’s Erawan district.

Police found three people had 200,000 unregistered lottery tickets worth over THB20m.

Thailand.- On Thursday, three lottery sellers were arrested in the Erawan Shrine district of Loei province on suspicion of transferring 200,000 unregistered lottery tickets worth more than THB20m. The head of the anti-corruption unit, Police Major-General Jaroonkiat Pankaew, said the arrests came after a complaint that a group of lottery sellers were working with postal workers to inflate lottery prices.

Police and officers from the government lottery office first arrested two people behind the Erawan Shrine Thailand Post Office. Police found more than 200 boxes containing lottery tickets inside a van, according to Nation Thailand. Another man found carrying 65 boxes of lottery tickets in his car was arrested at a petrol station, Jaroonkiat Pankaew reported.

A few days ago, eight people were arrested after police raided an alleged illegal gambling operation at a two-story house in tambon Ban Suan, Muang district. Those arrested, aged between 19 to 31 years old, were allegedly using the house as a centre to administer online gambling websites.

Last December, police carried out raids at two luxury homes in Nonthaburi, where people were allegedly operating a website for online gambling. Four people were arrested for allegedly taking bets and paying out on winnings and police seized electronic gambling equipment.

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