Thailand: police dismantle illegal online gambling ring

Police carried out a raid on two luxury houses on the estate of Nonthaburi.
Police carried out a raid on two luxury houses on the estate of Nonthaburi.

Officers in Thailand detected an illegal online gambling website that had 40,000 members.

Thailand.- Police officers have carried out raids at two luxury homes in Nonthaburi, where people were allegedly operating a website for online gambling. Four people were arrested for allegedly taking bets and paying out on winnings and police seized electronic gambling equipment.

Those arrested were allegedly taking bets on football, baccarat, slots and other games. The site was found to have 40,000 customers and between THB300m to THB400mt was being gambled every month. The raid was led by the head of the region, police Lt-Gen Jiraphat Phoomjit.

Thailand is debating the legalisation of casinos. However, in a poll carried out by the National Institute of Development Administration, 56.83 per cent of residents said they were against legalising gambling.

A week ago, five people were arrested after police raided an illegal gambling operation at a condominium in Bangkok’s Bang Khen district. According to officers, those arrested, aged between 25 to 28 years old, were operating a website for online gambling.

The Bangkok Post reported that during the raid, police seized computers, monitors, wi-fi routers and eight mobile phones. The illegal gambling ring allegedly generated nearly 2m baht a month in revenue. One of those arrested said the illegal gambling hub was previously operating in Cambodia. It moved to Thailand due to the Covid-19 pandemic but was planning to return to Cambodia by the end of December.

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