Thailand: 104 arrested for offering online betting on football

Online betting is illegal in Thailand.
Online betting is illegal in Thailand.

Police in Thailand have arrested 104 men for operating online gambling websites for betting on football.

Thailand.- Authorities in Thailand have arrested 104 people suspected of running online football betting websites. 

A further 255 suspects have been arrested for promoting gambling online, which is illegal in Thailand. Police also charged 28 suspects for sharing fake news. They expect to charge 38 more people.

Authorities said that police officers are investigating more than 167 websites for promoting online gambling.

A week ago, officers raided a house on Song Kwai Road and arrested two men for operating an online gambling website during the 2020 European Football Championship.

Police also arrested 53 people who had booked out a whole resort in the Muang district to operate a call centre for an illegal online gambling network. During the raid, officers seized computers, 300 phones and other assets related to gambling operations.

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