Singapore to open to business travellers from all countries

Singapore to open to business travellers from all countries

The government has announced it will permit business travellers and visiting officials from all countries to enter Singapore.

Singapore.- Authorities have announced that all business travellers and visiting officials will be allowed to enter the country from next month.

An increase in business travel is seen as vital for recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Under the new measures, visitors can apply to stay for up to 14 days in the country. Permission will be given to a limited number of travellers.

Visitors must undergo a Covid-19 test before arrival, another after the arrival and then throughout their stay. Business meetings must take place at locations selected by the government in specially designed meeting rooms outfitted with air-tight glass panels to reduce the risk of transmission

Singapore was already allowing entry to select visitors from countries including China and South Korea, but the new scheme marks a significant opening of restrictions.

The announcement came a day after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong warned that the city-state had no choice but to ease restrictions or risk losing its status as a global financial hub.

The Prime Minister said: “Trade and travel are our lifeblood. The longer our own borders stay closed to travellers, the greater the risk of us permanently losing out as an international hub, consequently hurting our livelihoods.”

Singapore’s economy has been plunged into recession by the pandemic, with international visitor arrivals falling from 1.7 million in January to 13,400 in October according to official data.

The country has reported 58,000 Covid-19 infections and 29 deaths.

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