Singapore: casinos impose new entry rules

Resort World Sentosa is one of the casinos that are taking measures.
Resort World Sentosa is one of the casinos that are taking measures.

Singapore casinos imposed restrictions to use their facilities in order to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

Singapore.- Casino complex Resorts World Sentosa, the property of Genting Singapore Ltd, announced new entry rules. Access to its casino will be allowed only to existing Genting Rewards card members and to Singapore nationals or residents who have paid the annual entry-levy charge applied to them.

This measures will come into effect immediately according to a statement from the venue.

The other casino resort in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands, announced it was limiting entrance as well. Casino facilities can only be used by “Sands Rewards Club Gold and above” members, and “patrons with existing valid annual levies”, in order to “ensure full compliance with the Singapore government’s safe distancing regulations”.

The moves are linked to efforts in Singapore to prevent any further impact locally of the novel coronavirus pandemic and its associated Covid-19 disease.

“We have fully implemented all the safe-distancing measures from government advisories at the casino”, said World Sentosa’s spokesperson.

It added the steps included limiting the patron-carrying capacity of the venue “per 16 square metres [172 sq. ft]  of usable space”, and “not permitting entry to groups of more than 10 patrons,” as well as “allowing at least one metre of space between patrons”.

Other precautionary measures adopted at Resorts World Sentosa’s casino are said to include: alternate seating arrangements for players of table games and electronic gaming machines so that they are not side-by-side; limiting the number of players per table by using “stickers” indicating where players may place themselves; not accepting bets by standing patrons, and rotating dealers more frequently on the gaming floor to limit their time in contact with patrons.

The complex also noted it had crowd-control measures and disinfection procedures in place in relation to activities by dealers and patrons, and for the gaming facilities in general.

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