Philippines: 46 arrested for illegal gambling

Police carried out a series of raids in Quezon City.
Police carried out a series of raids in Quezon City.

Police in Quezon City have carried out a series of operations including raids on illegal cockfighting.

The Philippines.- Police arrested 46 people for alleged involvement in illegal gambling activities after a series of raids over the weekend. According to the Chief Police Officer of the Quezon City Police District, three of the suspects were arrested while participating in illegal online gambling.

Meanwhile, 34 people were arrested for taking part in a “tupada” or illegal cockfighting, seven for playing billiards and two for playing cara y cruz (coin flipping).

A few weeks ago, Focus Gaming News reported that police had arrested nine people for alleged involvement in illegal cockfighting betting. According to officers, those arrested were caught with P1,800 in bet money.

Police said eight cocks were found. All of the suspects were detained at the Ajuy Police Station and will be charged for violating Presidential Decree No. 449 (Cockfighting Act 1974). Officers also arrested 17 people for allegedly being involved in illegal cockfighting betting in Talisay City, Cebu.

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