Nanotechnology: why it is a trend in the world of gaming

Guardian Liquid offers antimicrobial protection in casinos, bingo halls and hotels.
Guardian Liquid offers antimicrobial protection in casinos, bingo halls and hotels.

Nano-based products promise to revolutionize the market through their antimicrobial protection that seeks to protect the regular public of casinos, bingo halls and hotels

Exclusive interview.- Ezequiel Barbeito, CEO and Co-Founder of Liquid Guardian explains what this technology consists of and why it is considered so revolutionary in the gaming sector.

How did this project come about?

I have always been interested in everything that surrounds our industry and provides solutions that make operations more efficient, safe and comprehensive. From the carpet that you are going to place, the hygiene devices in the bathrooms, the thermal panels of the boards, all these components that are part of a whole. And when it comes to maintenance, safety and hygiene, they are essential.

So it was that already pre-pandemic we had paid attention to products based on nanotechnology, and thought about their use in casinos, bingo halls and hotels. The pandemic triggered the times, and finding alternative solutions to avoid contagion became a necessity. Thus was born Guardian Liquid.

What function do these products fulfill?

Guardian Liquid offers a catalogue of products for the sector based on components treated at the nanotechnological level. To give you an example: the use of silicon dioxide nanoparticles means that when applied to a surface an invisible layer is created that acts as a mattress for pinches. When a contaminating agent settles, that nano sword or puncture penetrates the membrane and does not allow it to survive.

The most attractive thing about this is that once applied, this coating lasts for a year. It can be cleaned with cleaning products and the effect of the film will not go away. I call it “24x7x365 protection.”

Ezequiel Barbeito, CEO and Co-Founder of Liquid Guardian

How is the presentation of these products?

Today we come to a presentation that comes in cloths. Each cloth yields 1 square meter. The application is very simple and practical. Today a slot machine, a gaming table, even the chips treated in this way, would reduce the percentages of contagion, not only from Covid-19, but from other diseases considerably. Anything that is of regular contact by customers and employees can be protected. It is even already being applied in air conditioning filters as well.

The cloths are the emblem of the Guardian Liquid. But we also have an Antifog product (anti-fog for long-lasting lenses and glasses); a product for metals and electronics and Repel Textil, designed for fabrics.

Have the products been tested?

The tests that we have done in recognized Institutions such as INTA, INTI and Stambulian, demonstrate the power and action of the components in their effectiveness and durability.

Are they targeting the national market?

Due to logistics and geography, we started in Argentina, but we are targeting all of Latin America. Later, globally.