Nagasaki to launch education consortium to train future IR workers

Nagasaki is one of four cities in Japan that will compete to host IRs.
Nagasaki is one of four cities in Japan that will compete to host IRs.

The education consortium will officially be launched if Nagasaki is finally selected as the location for one of Japan’s three IRs.

Japan.- Nagasaki’s prefectural government has announced it is seeking to form a consortium of public institutions to train young people to work at the city’s possible future IR.

According to local media, twenty officials have held a non-public meeting to start discussing the development and structure of the future education consortium.

Hideya Inoue, an academic specialist in international hotel management and dean of the Department of International Tourism at Nagasaki International University was selected as the chairman of the consortium.

In February last year, the Nagasaki International University announced it was thinking about launching an IR management course to help educate and train people interested in working at the IR.

In March, Nagasaki announced the three operators that it has selected as potential partners for its bid to develop an integrated resort.

Another city that is seeking to gain one of the three licences to develop an IR in Japan is Yokohama, although pro-IR mayor Fumiko Hayashi has not yet announced whether she will run for a fourth term in office.

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