Macau: two arrested after stealing casino chips worth $44,369

Those arrested said that all the illegal gains had been lost.
Those arrested said that all the illegal gains had been lost.

Authorities in Macau have recently arrested a man and a woman who stole casino chips worth MOP355,000 (US$44,369) from a casino on Cotai.

Macau.- Police in Macau have arrested a man and a woman on charges of stealing casino chips worth MOP355,000 (US$44,369)

According to local media reports, the case involves at least six victims.

The police said that last September, they received a report from the monitoring staff of the Cotai Casino that multiple thefts had occurred in the VIP lounge.

Authorities checked surveillance video and found that a man and a woman were stealing chips in the casino, targeting gamblers with large amounts of chips. 

According to Macau Business, those arrested persuaded the victims to hand them the chips to help the victim gamble.

They then used to distract the gamblers’ attention to steal the chips. However, police intercepted two criminal suspects a few days ago. 

They confessed to the facts of the crime and claimed that all the illegal gains had been lost.

Last September, police in Macau also arrested an employee of a VIP casino venue on suspicion of stealing nearly MOP95.5m (US$11.9m) from more than 70 customers.

According to officers, the woman promised to give customers a 1.1 per cent daily interest rate on the funds. However, two of her victims complained that they were unable to withdraw their deposits worth MOP9m. 

The woman claims that a managing partner in the VIP room instructed her to transfer the deposits to another account. 

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