Macau imposes new border restrictions

Macau tightens restrictions.
Macau tightens restrictions.

People can only enter they city if they can present a negative Covid-19 test.

Macau.- After six days without any new Covid-19 cases, the Macau Government has revealed new travel restrictions to residents and visitors.

Authorities mandated that it is only possible to enter the territory after presenting a test that proves that the resident is not infected with the Coronavirus.

The Government also introduced three new restrictions to be applied before people board a plane that goes to the city.

“Foreigners” are automatically denied entry to any plane that will arrive to the city.

Proof of a nucleic acid test is required and temperature measurement is required before travel. If the resident has a fever they cannot board.

“At the moment abroad there are many places that are in a serious situation,” authorities said at a press conference.

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