Levo Chan trial starts today

Levo Chan Weng Lin was arrested in January.
Levo Chan Weng Lin was arrested in January.

Chan is accused of running illegal gambling operations and money laundering.

Macau.- Levo Chan Weng Lin‘s trial starts today (December 5). The former head of Tak Chun was arrested in January with eight other people and was charged by Macau’s Public Prosecution Office for leading a criminal gang, money laundering, running illegal gambling operations and running illegal gambling operations in a casino.

The possible punishments for each charge if a guilty verdict is found vary from up to three years in prison for running illegal gambling to up to 15 years for leading a criminal gang. Chan was accused by police of under-the-table, or multiplier, betting for high rollers in Macau.

With multipliers, bets on casino tables effectively represent private bets and can be multiples of official bets, thereby avoiding some bets paying Macau’s effective tax rate of 39 per cent on gross casino gaming revenue.

According to public broadcaster TDM, the Macau casino operators Wynn Macau, Sands China, SJM Holdings and MGM China Holdings are plaintiffs in the case, accusing the defendants of damages.

Just last week, the trial of Alvin Chau Cheok Wa, the former CEO of Suncity (now LET Group Holdings Ltd), heard final pleas on his indictment for allegedly leading a criminal group, money laundering, providing illegal gambling at licenced establishments and making illegal online and proxy bets.

The judge presiding over the Suncity trial has set January 18, 2023, as the date for the verdict.

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