Jeju island government to inspect casino equipment

There are eight foreigner-only casinos on Jeju island.
There are eight foreigner-only casinos on Jeju island.

The Jeju government has started an inspection of gaming equipment and systems at casino venues to guarantee fairness and transparency in the casino industry.

South Korea.- Jeju authorities have sent special casino game equipment inspectors to review gaming equipment in the casino and gaming sector on the island to control if it has been altered or if games have been forged.

There are eight foreigner-only casinos located on Jeju island, although only three of them are currently operating, including the recently opened Jeju Dream Tower casino.

Together, the casinos have 446 electronic gaming machines, and the inspection will certify they are working properly to guarantee transparency in the casino industry. Inspections are carried out by local authorities once every three years or earlier if there is a malfunction with a machine. 

Inspections were previously made by authorities from the mainland, but that proved difficult and expensive due to the particular location of the island.

Jeju authorities hope to launch travel bubble to attract foreign tourists to the island

The Jeju government wants to launch a travel bubble with neighbouring countries to help the tourism sector, which has been deeply affected by Covid-19 restrictions and the lack of visitors.

The province is working to launch a travel bubble with Southeast Asia, China and Japan.

With visitor number down by 89 per cent, authorities are seeking to establish quarantine zones depending on the country, specific tours for tourists, and quarantine managers to educate tourists.

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