JCRC requests FY2023 budget increase of nearly 10%

The cities of Osaka and Nagasaki have submitted IR District Development Plans.
The cities of Osaka and Nagasaki have submitted IR District Development Plans.

The Japan Casino Regulatory Commission has requested the government increase its annual budget by JPY0.35bn.

Japan.- The Japan Casino Regulatory Commission has asked the national government for an increase in its annual budget of almost 10 per cent for the 2023 financial year, taking it to JPY3.88bn (US$27.7m). That would be an increase of JPY0.35bn from the 2022 budget and would cover an expected increase in the regulator’s staff.

The commission expects its staff numbers to increase by 12.7 per cent to 177 in the next year. The Japan Casino Regulatory Commission estimated its personnel and operational costs would rise by JPY160m year-on-year to JPY2.85bn as it sets up a structure to supervise casino operators. Other costs would reach JPY460m, up by JPY70m.

The cost of “auditing casino operators and others to verify eligibility to issue casino licenses” has been estimated at JPY220m and the cost of establishing an information technology (IT) system to check whether casino operators and others are eligible to issue casino licences is estimated at JPY60m.

Japan is to assess two bids for integrated resort licences. Osaka and Nagasaki have submitted IR District Development Plans approved by their city councils and prefectural assemblies. However, it’s unlikely a casino resort will open in Japan before the end of this decade, even if both applicants receive approval from national government.

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Japan highlights importance of IRs to tourism reactivation

A Japanese government paper – “Basic Policy on Economic and Fiscal Management and Reform 2022” – highlights the importance of integrated resorts to the country. It says the construction of IRs responds to a need to reactivate tourism after the Covid-19 pandemic, which has paralysed the sector for two years.

The document reaffirms the commitment of authorities to vigorously promote the development of IRs and the regulation of casinos. Last October, Tetsuo Saito, Japan’s minister of land, infrastructure, transport and tourism said the country hopes to receive 60 million inbound visitors by 2030 and said IRs would be vital.

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